Environment & Community
Tun Thwin is committed to investing time and energy into the community and sharing profits to build sustainable and mutual relationships. Throughout its history, Tun Thwin has taken a proactive approach toward providing social and economic benefits to the Sagaing community.
Environmental Responsibility

Tun Thwin adheres to international standards and best practices of environmental protection and complies will all local environmental policies. Tun Thwin takes preventative measures to any activity that could compromise the environment and responds immediately to any environmental threats. We are always looking to reduce our environmental footprint, such measures include: improving our supply chain, limiting our usage of land, and curtailing waste. We continuously strive to improve our environmental performance when constructing new facilities and managing remediation efforts when sites become obsolete. Tun Thwin is always willing to explore new methods and technologies of environmental protection management and remediation.
By contributing to the successful future of the coal and energy industry through an investment in sustainability, Tun Thwin is delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to Sagaing Region.
Social Responsibility

Tun Thwin Mining takes pride in providing local communities with helping hands. We regularly apply our knowledge, our resources, and our effort to giving back to society.
Tun Thwin Mining has donated this USD $400,000 hospital in Kyunhla Township of the Sagaing Region capable of treating many afflictions using qualified doctors and nurses. The hospital contains modern health equipment such as: a surgical room, laboratory, x-ray and pharmacy.