Customers & Products
Tun Thwin is an energy supplier of first choice in Myanmar coal industry. Specializing in the sale of raw coal, Tun Thwin is recognized for its quality product, extracted from coal deposits in the Kalewa Basin, North West of Myanmar.
Tun Thwin has earned a reputation as a leader in open cut coal production due to its use of technology, mining methods and equipment. The Company's sustainable and high quality coal is ideal for various applications, particularly energy supply.
A proactive supporter of innovative environmental management and mine rehabilitation, Tun Thwin is a sustainable and community friendly supplier of coal.
If your business uses coal for energy production or electricity generation, you could benefit financially by purchasing direct from Tun Thwin.
Why Use Tun Thwin Coal?
Tun Thwin coal comes from our mine in Kalewa Basin, North West of Myanmar. Our coal has a high calorific value, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications from large scale electricity production to providing energy to local manufactures. Our coal also has a naturally low sulfur content which makes using Tun Thwin coal better for your factory’s equipment, production, manufacturing, and the environment.
Tun Thwin coal has been used in nickel smelting and steel fabrication facilities as well as local beverage and manufacturing facilities. With the construction of the Kalewa Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant, Tun Thwin coal will be used to generate electricity for the Sagaing Region and Upper Myanmar.
Quality Control
Tun Thwin's quality policy is to overlie all aspects of the Company's operations to ensure that:
  • Tun Thwin provides quality products and customer service as an integral part of the Company's business.
  • Tun Thwin's marketing department will not make promises that the production department cannot keep.
  • The mining process is controlled to maximize consistency of coal. This involves knowing the quality differences between coal seams so that these can be scheduled and blended.
  • Instances of product non-conformance are quickly identified and customer impacts minimized.
  • Tun Thwin personnel are trained to a high competency in order to maintain quality at all stages of the production process.